The Best Questions For No-fuss Respiratory Medicine Methods

Respiratory medicine

Doctors from the Royal Brompton Hospital in London warned that too often people were embarrassed when they started choking and sought privacy, often where nobody could help. But Dr Nick Hopkinson said he and colleagues had discovered that the Heimlich manoeuvre could be self-administered, either by pressing the abdomen sharply onto a chair, or by delivering a similar thrust with their hand. Dr Hopkinson said that the technique should be taught in First Aid classes, so that people would know what to do if they were on their own when they started to choke. View more! Writing in the journal Thorax, he said: why not try these out “Choking can be a cause of sudden This Site death in a perfectly healthy person. There may be only a few minutes to save a life. “It is important to raise awareness of what to do if you are with someone who is choking and especially if you are by yourself and choking. “We would like to see the self-administered technique taught on first aid courses and in schools. Posters in every restaurant and training for restaurant staff could help save lives.” The Heimlich manoeuvre is often needed when a patient is choking on food or other objects, and their airway is obstructed.

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